How It Works

We combine custom algorithms for scanning billions of records with the latest advances in machine learning to monitor for title fraud.

3 Scanning Levels

We implement 3 different scanning levels to provide you with the best coverage and protection options. Each package we offer has a different combination of scanning level and frequency of scans.

  • Comprehensive

    Everyday hundreds of thousands to millions of real estate transactions and filings take place. These are the records scanned in our comprehensive scan.

  • Advanced

    Your county clerk is typically the holder of property and title records. These records usually go back hundreds of years. These are the records scanned in our advanced scan.

  • Premium Aggregate

    This is our most advanced level scan. It undergoes an aggregate network of our premium data channels, scanning more records than the other scans combined.

Additional Features

In the process of helping you protect your home, we have created additional features that provide you with more benefits.

  • Realtime Alerts

    Get notified immediately when we detect anything suspicious by email, text, or phone call. Each package comes with different real-time alert options.

  • Comprehensive Property Report

    Aside from processing and scanning records for title fraud, we also develop several comprehensive property reports using the data.

  • Machine Learning

    We use the latest in Machine Learning capability to help detect title fraud or suspicious activity, training our AI with billions of records that we've accumulated and the fraud markers our algorithms make.

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