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It is our mission to help homeowners protect one of their most valuable assets from fraud!

The entire team at Property Services Center knows that your home is your family’s safe haven, your most prized possession and sometimes even passed from generation to generation. Further, we realize how much more difficult it has become to safeguard home titles and mortgage information due to everything being stored online. The lack of protection our information receives can even be found and sold on the "dark web."

Our tech team prides itself in developing high-grade, proprietary digital scan algorithms that help to rapidly alert our customers to any potential threats that could allow thieves to steal your home's title. Should your information fall into the wrong hands, they can take out loans using your equity and leave you and your family with payments and a mountain of legal bills that you have to fight on your own!

Why We Want To Prevent Title Fraud

We know that today all home and property titles are kept online which makes you extremely vulnerable to domestic hackers and thieves and international cyber criminals. As a company, Property Services Center is dedicated to serving our customers and society, working each day to create a safety buffer for one of our most prized possession: our homes. We bring together our talented team and powerful technology to support social and environmental priorities. Our end goal is to make the world a better, safer place.

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