Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Included in My Property Services Center Subscription?
We monitor your property title for changes and newly filed documents. We provide a weekly Title Scan (Basic Subscription), which informs you of any activity with your home(s) and property. You will also receive a COMPREHENSIVE PROPERTY REPORT!"
Is My $99 Monitoring Fee a One Time Charge?
Yes! You pay one low fee for a Lifetime* of title monitoring!
What Do You Mean by Lifetime* Monitoring?
Lifetime* monitoring means we provide you title monitoring for the home or property address you register for as long as you own that home or property. When and if you sell, title monitoring will end."
How Do Your Subscription Charges Compare to the Competition?
We charge one time, for a Lifetime*! Our competitors charge monthly fees, and we believe we are the most affordable monitoring service in the country."
What is Title Fraud?
Home title fraud occurs when someone steals the title of your property by changing ownership on your property title from your name to theirs. The thief can then take out as many loans as possible using your equity as collateral.
Is Fraud the Only Thing I Need to Worry About?
No. There are many other potential issues that can be monitored. Liens, including tax liens, contractor liens, and HOA liens can be filed and can affect your ownership.
What Makes Property Services Center Different?
We don’t only scan for title fraud, we monitor for all issues filed on your home and alerting you to any activity that could affect your title.
What If I Have Identity Theft Protection? Why Do I Also Need Property Services Center?
Title theft or fraud isn’t covered by identity theft services.
I Bought Title Insurance When I Purchased My Home. Is It The Same As Property Services Center?
Title insurance ONLY insures the property up to the point that you purchased the home. It doesn’t cover future title theft or fraud. Our service monitors and scans your title after your purchase.
Do You Offer A Guarantee?
Yes! We offer a complete 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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