Home Title Cyber Crime

A Growing Risk Protect Your Title

You’ve seen it on the news! Home title fraud is now reported to be one of the fasted growing cybercrimes in the country. Your home title, now more than ever, is at risk of being stolen due to the shift of everything being stored online these days. This includes your title and mortgage information.

Property Services Center

How It Works

Property Services Center uses proprietary algorithms to scan the web and “dark web” for our subscribers’ home/property title. If our system detects any tampering with your title or mortgage, we send you notifications alerting you to potential fraud.

  • Scanning Billions Of Records

    Everything is stored “in the cloud”, including your home/property title. Property Services Center scans billions of title records on the web for any deviation in your home/property’s recorded information.

  • Fraud Detection

    Identity theft programs, financial institutions, credit monitoring services, and even homeowner insurance policies DO NOT protect you from online title or mortgage fraud.

  • Realtime Alerts

    Subscribers have access to their own real time Private Title Scan Control Panel that shows current scan activity. If the system detects suspicious activity, subscribers are immediately notified.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    As a bonus for all new subscribers, Property Services Center will provide you with a COMPREHENSIVE PROPERTY REPORT, normally at a $125 value, FREE when enrolling with our valuable monitoring service.

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